Join Four Percent As A FREE Member

Here's how to join Four Percent as a free member and get access to 2 seriously good training courses (7 Steps to Freedom, and Mass Traffic Blueprint) and no end of free member zoom updates and impromptu training.

  1. Click here to go to watch the intro video

  2. Click on either of the 'get started' tabs

  3. Choose the Free Membership level in the left column and click the 'get started' tab at the bottom

  4. Add your name, email, and choose your password to set up your free membership account.

  5. Confirm your account details in the success email that is sent to the email you joined using.


Here's What The Process Looks Like

That's it.

Now login, follow the Getting Started prompt and watch the Welcome Video

From here start on your path to success by learning the "7 Steps To Success" free training.

This is a fantastic overview of what you'll need to build a successful business of your dreams...

To Access 7 Steps To Freedom scroll down your members home page and Click on the courses icon (see below)

That's how you can join FourPercent as a Free member and see what all the fuss us about :)